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Do you get a confirmation after signing up for beta?

After I clicked the Request OTA button, it flashed the running dot for a second then went back to "Request OTA." I am not even sure I actually signed up.

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Hi! There should be a message confirming you've requested the OTA, so perhaps you can refresh and try to request it again? 

Do keep in mind that beta labs for Nokia 6 is currently not available in US, China and Taiwan due to some additional requirements for technical adaptations. Nokia 6 in US, China and Taiwan will upgrade directly to Android Oreo when ready. This restriction applies to users in US (all TA's), China (TA-1000) and Taiwan (TA-1003). 



What about TA-1021 Indian version? No OTA notification is available after signing up since 7 days. When we get the beta? It is already end of the year.

#Anna - Moderator

What for Nokia 6 TA - 1021 with build number 00A0_3_72B, when I request hoti update I don't get any confirmation message so can you tell me what this is happening and when will Indian version of Nokia 6 as mention about will get Oreo beta or official Oreo update.

Thank you

I see. Mine is US version from Amazon.

I wish I got this information during the verification step. Would save a lot of people a lot of time.

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