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Changing 4G to LTE Signal Indicator Display

It's time for NOKIA-HMD Global to change the Signal Indicator from 4G to LTE [When LTE is Available]. Why? It's very common to us and also in Android Ecosystem. I suggest that to be more Impressive and Classy Looking HMD or NOKIA should decide to change the Signal Indicator to LTE instead of using of 4G [When LTE is Available]. Please comment for additional Suggestions.

Although 4G and LTE really mean the same thing, actually some regions and operators name the H+ as 4g. It happens in the US, as an example. So the indicator is region and operator dependent.

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Yeah. But in one Area particularly in the Philippines we used a 2100Mhz, 1800Mhz and 700Mhz LTE Spectrum. It's very confusing for me that NOKIA Android Phones [e.g. NOKIA 5 and 6] shows a 4G Signal Indicator which means in a LTE Coverage Area for one Location at the same time as I compared to other brands it shows LTE Signal. So that, I guess NOKIA uses a 4G Signal Indicator instead of LTE.

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