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Why has the Nokia 8 the flagship model not put screen mirroring on the phone. Before anyone says get a Chromecast it doesn't mirror it lets you use certain apps that it sure Nokia could send an update.NOKIA are you listening if you want to compete in the smart phone market it's essential you put this feature back.users like to control their TV with their phone and your flagship model doesn't have it .I will Facebook this about your phone's ,lets see how quickly your phone sale's collapse if you don't do a update.

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Are you trying to mirror your screen using Miracast? If so, support for Miracast was removed from Android with the Marshmallow update.

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Miracast screen mirroring was removed from android by Google, not by Nokia. Some other phone manufacturers choose to implement their own version of it, hence why you may find it on other android handsets. But it is not a part of aosp android anymore which is the version of android Nokia use on this device.
Chromecast has been able to mirror the screen for about a year and a half. From the notification drop-down, go to the second page on the Nokia 8 in default configuration, select cast and choose a Chromecast, you'll get the phone screen mirrored to the Chromecast.
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