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Nokia 6 - Downloads messages without Internet ON and Alarm doesnt goes OFF


May be these issues are already reported, but thought of bringing them to HMD's notice once again.

I bought this device in 1st week of Sep 2017, when it was launched in India. Sine then this works great and no complaints. I have been regularly updating all the patches.

However lately I started facing 2 issues as outlined below :

1. Whats App Messages downloads when WiFi/DATA is OFF : I always keep the WiFi and DATA OFF during the night. However, now and then I started noticing these messages when I wake up in the morning. Both the interfaces are OFF. One day, while I was staring at something on the screen, I was surprised to see my WiFi turning ON and OFF again in 2 seconds right in front of my eyes.

2. Alarm doesn't goes OFF : This problem started couple of weeks back. Apparently this behavior is very random and unable to see any pattern. I tried removing all alarms and created fresh, followed all suggestion given in the forums etc., but the behavior of Alarm App didn't change

I am wondering if the above issues are due to bugs in the recent updates in Android or I got some Malware in my device or some Apps I installed lately? 

Some of the Apps I installed recently are Citrix Receiver (may be around the same time when I installed this App, I noticed the the WiFi/DATA issue), McAfee, Antivirus (both I installed to check if any Virus/Malware sneaked in which is controlling my Internet :)) and lastly Parallel Space (after which I started seeing Alarm issues). Based on my knowledge, I cant see any reason how the installation of the above Apps could affect the device behavior I explained. I have given those App details just for experts opinion (if any one could analyse anything).

I request Technical Experts from HMD to throw some light on known bugs (if any, covering the above symptoms) and also when they are going to release updates with fixes to such issues. These issues seems quite OLD now and lot of people complaining about it. These days many of us simply depends on Smart Phones Alarm (in place of traditional Alarm Clocks). If this is not working, it's going to be difficult for many.



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