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Silent mode

Hello. I wish to put my nokia 3310 3g on silent mode but cannot find the profiles option. Is there a way to put it on silent?

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 there is, i've been able to put my phone in silent mode without any problems. :)

How did you do it as I have been through every menu on the phone and can’t see a profiles option.

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Profile Menu is only on 3310, not on 3310 3G.

Also only the non 3G have settings for app volume, or for muting custom java applications.

silent mode could still be enabled on the 3G model of nokia 3310 which would disable all sounds on the nokia 3310. i have a nokia 3310 3G model so i know.

blueagent1999 if you enable silent mode and start a java game (sideloaded or a preloaded with sound enabled ingame) does it really is quiet? cant get to work on my 3g

facing same issues with you.. Last time make me trouble while I doing waist training at gym. I don't know how to silent and but phone keep ring.. Oh my god...

+1 please add a Silent option (or profiles with a silent option). 

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In case you haven’t sorted this, press and hold hash key. You the get the menu to adjust the sound.
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