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Battery and Camera

Seasons greetings Nokia team, I have few complaints on the phone software. 1. The camera needs a little twick for exposure improvement 2. Improve the software to support battery life 3. The software does not have a file manager, so it's very hard to manage space especially when it gets to music 4. Can any other gallery be provided other than the photo app? Otherwise the phone is a wonderful build. Please address the above issues in the next software upgrade Charlie

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Hi Charlie! 

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Please do remember to send all your comments via the beta labs Feedback App so that we can ensure your feedback gets recorded and processed properly.

Thanks for beta testing Oreo for us, have a great day! 


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i think,don't need the gallery application.Google Photos too much is enough. Already came the File Manager with Oreo. But i agree with you about battery.

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Now we have a file manager with Oreo update, but battery life has is worse now.. please work on this

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There should be improvement in battery life.It is draining very fast.

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The improvement needed in camera and battery life only. Gallery and file manager is perfect in oreo 8.

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Does it have manual mode update for shutter speed and iso? Nokia 6 does have the api tho

"Now we have a file manager with Oreo update". No, the file manager has always been there. Literally the only thing that changed with Oreo was the icon and label under it. It was called "Downloads" in Nougat and now it's called "Files" in Oreo, but it opens exactly the same thing.

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