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duplicate contacts view in contacts app

when i'm using whatsup or google duo and sync contacts i'm getting duplicate values of all contacts.

i see additional line on the contact phone, instead of merged and one contact value i see at least 3 lines

on each contact.

how can i solve this annoying issue?


It helps but not 100% solution. It fixes whatsup but not google duo. I think that full solution will coming from you and from google. You need to change the way that contacts are showing in contacts app.
Hello, below worked for my Nokia 8 w/Oreo 1- Go to contact app - settings - accounts 2- Click WhatsApp account then turn off auto-sync 3- Go back to accounts page and turn off auto-sync for all accounts. You'll recieve a warning, ignore it. 4- Remove WhatsApp account 5- Check duplicate names if they are gone 6- Go to contact app - settings - accounts again 7- Click plus sign to add new account and add WhatsApp 8- Turn on auto-sync which you turned off in step 3
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