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Who has received a new update on Nokia 8

I saw some tweets of some persons who said they have received another update on their Nokia 8 after the December Security Patch update. Who has received same here?

No still waiting for 8.0 and December patch. Not as fast as Nokia stated which doesn't make them look good


Just downloading 330MB update now. I already had the December update.


I got one yesterday. 330MB
Just got it here in Vietnam, TA-1004, around more than 300MB update size. Pretty pleased with it, the multitasking and RAM management has been improved a lot, now I can keep my game running on background with 10+ more apps openning. Battery life is better too. Good job HMD gangs.
Any improvement in camera?
I don't use camera much actually, so I don't even know about its camera flaws, so no comment. IIRC, the camera sensor of Nokia 8 is not flagship grade, just a mid range one so don't expect brilliant photos from it.
I don't know about the sensor. But I usually get pretty awesome pictures with the camera. I was using a Galaxy s6 before and this one is miles ahead of it. Problems I face are slow autofocus and beams of light appears when shooting against the sun. Close focusing also not proper. But with Google camera app I don't find these issues
According to gsmarena: Nokia 8: (f/2.0, 1.12 µm) sensor Note 8: (f/1.7, 26mm, 1/2.5", 1.4 µm) sensor So Note 8 has 25% bigger pixel size and better lens. I tried things u mentioned and the auto focus is still slow, but close focus is better iirc.

Hi, could you post which Nokia 8 gets this as my UK TA-1012 hasn't yet and I'm wondering if it will, thanks.

I received an update (~330 MB) in Germany too. This solve the problem that some 3rd party apps can't write on the SD card. But the glance screen don't count new messages from 3rd party apps (Threema,...). And an official changelog would be great...
And yes, the camera app seems to be faster.

 Mine is Malaysia TA-1004 and I got the update yesterday 29th Dec.

MY TA-1012 got the update today in Germany, others are still waiting.
Looks like a firmware update for the camera.

On mine it needed another reboot till the camera finally works.

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