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Alarm not working

I have set repeated alarm for all working days , it works for a day and disables automatically or not working, and I need to enable it again or restart mobile. Is anyone facing same issue, I'm on latest build with Dec security patch

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 Yes same problem occur in my mobile. i am set the alarm at night but in the morning it will disabled and not ringing, and when i am open the clock application in the morning it will again enabled.

Other issues i am face that, i am not getting any notification of application(hangouts, ymail, amazon, etc.) until my application is not running in background.

Have you tried removing all alarms and re-adding them?

I've updated to Android Oreo 8.0, removed all previous alarms, added them back and they work absolutely fine.

Have tried many times, it's same. I have registered beta labs for Oreo update but haven't received push/pull request yet.
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