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Alarm is not working after 7.1.2 update

Alarm is not working properly. It not at all showing in notification area after some time it is setted. This is happening after 7.1.2 update. Even message is not working properly. Not able to receive messages

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Same problem here. After 7.1.2 update. Please resolve it

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please solve this problem as soon as possible

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Same is the case with me!

Any fix on this? Alarm dont work, shows missed after a while...

First at all, I hate to say this, but you made the forum topic in the wrong forum board.

You are supposed to make thread on the Products boards, not on the Beta Labs boards.

The Beta Labs boards is for those who are beta testing the Android 8.0 Oreo before it can be finalized and pushed to everyone. In other words, unless you are on the Oreo Beta firmware, it is not a good idea to make a thread about the problem with Android 7.1.2 in the Beta Labs boards.

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Hi everybody ! I had the same issues, I installed an other app... But days after I wasn't quite satisfied, so I got in the alarm settings and made some tweaking, by that I mean the ringtones, changed to other ones and tested it ! Now it works. 1 - Go to your alarm one by one change the ringtones. 2 - Check the volumes ( who knows ). 3 - Make a test by setting up the alarm for the next minute. And that's it, I assume that it's maybe a simple error of the system getting lost with the old directories of the previous Android version.
I have found a solution to this problem. Even my alarm and SMS don't work. Have faced a lot of problems while making payments and waiting for OTPs. Post the update, the apps are being killed in the background and we don't have an option to NOT kill the default apps in settings. So I downloaded 3rd party apps. "SMS Organiser" by Microsoft is the best SMS app and "Alarmy" is one of the best alarms without too many ads. Now we have to enable them to work even in background. So go to Settings->Battery->Background activity manager and select your alarm and SMS apps to work in background. Problem solved! But this is still not the way a phone should work. Alarm and SMS are the last things you want to block in the background of your phone. I hope Nokia brings a new update which gives a permanent solution to this.
I faced the same issue. Again, because of the unnecessary battery optimisation feature. 1 search for battery optimisation in settings menu 2 select all apps and change the settings for clock and whatever other app you're facing an issue with, to 'don't optimise' 3 for alarm, keep the clock app open in the background and don't close it. Set alarms every half an hour for 6 hours (mute it if you wish) 4 now the phone will not force kill the app It definitely worked for me for SMS, alarm, whatsapp, outlook, moneycontrol etc.
How you can help me
This problem have been solved by the jan security patch update. My alarm rang today.

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Yuuyatailsit It IS a good to post. Why? So it is NOT repeated in the Oreo update. Think.

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