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Cant delete photo from SD card with Google Photo

After update (new fw 330MB) today, i cant delete photo from SD card with Google Photo, i cant set permission for it, App has been informed: access is denied after I agree, I tried to erase the app's data and rebooted but it did not work

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Add me to the list.. Somethings gone crazy and now the phones default photos app (Google Photos) cant manage the phones photos. 

Something needs tweaking at Nokia Firmware level I think as it happens even with the older versions of Google Photos. 

 Replying to keep this thread active as the problem is still there.

me too

have same problem

can not delete picture and video from google photo app!!!

Well after January security update, the problem is still there, so dissapoint

Nokia clearly don't read the forums. I've yet to see an answer from a Nokia/HMD staffer. 

Report the issue by email here instead:

You will at least get it logged by someone inside the company that way.

I upgrade Android 8.1 beta today Fix this bug!!! I can use Google photo to delete my sD card photo!!!

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Yes it is indeed fixed in the 8.1 beta. Thanks HMD.

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Something to add to this thread, both myself and my fiancee has a Nokia 8, mine has never had this problem, hers has had it from the beginning. Mine is a few months old, as I got it when it came out and hers is about a month old. Reformatting the SD card doesn't seem to help, nor does resetting the app settings. Here's hoping for an official 8.1 release asap.

You can wait for release of 8.1 or get 8.1 beta. I don't experience any problem with 8.1 beta - can recommend it!
Android beta 8.1 solved it for me.

same problem. just factory reset my Nokia 8 this evening and the same situation happens, always shows "acess denied" everytime i allow the Photo app to acess my SD card. Looking forward to seeing Nokia and Google app developers to take action 

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 Update to Android beta 8.1 it solves this issue. Go through the steps on the nokia support page to update.

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The beta is production quality. I've not seen a single issue with it in 3 weeks, so it's well worth signing up, although I can't see it being long before it becomes a final release anyway and rolls out to everyone.
It's a bit 'round the houses' but if you move the picture to the phone memory you can then delete it. Select the picture. Options top right. Move to.... Put it in the phones pictures. Delete. It'll do until it's fixed.

8.1 final Is about to start rolling out which will fix this.. 

I just got the thanks for being part of the Beta email which comes before the rollout starts. 

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