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Phone number of two identical people are merged


I'm wondering if anyone could help me with the following issue (or let me know if they experience the same issue so I know I'm not a "special" case).

The issue is as following, I have 2 contacts with an identical name and both have a phone number (and some other information like address). All suggestions to merge the 2 contacts have been discarded.
On everything is perfectly set up.
On my Nexus 7 (2013) everything is perfectly set up.
On my Nokia 5, if I open one of the 2 people, I see both phone number (so also the one from the other person). When I choose to edit, I only see the phone number of the actual person I opened.

Some screenshots to prove this weird behavior.
You will see that contact A has 2 phone number (one ending with 07 and the other with 40). When clicking on edit, you only see 07 (his actual phone number).
Same goes for contact B.

Contact A

Contact B

I'm going nuts trying to figure this issue out. I have this issue actually with in total 4 people (we're not so inventive with names in Belgium apparently).

Some questions which you might wonder:
  • The issue gets solved by renaming the contact (so renaming the contact name from "John Doe" to "John 2 Doe"), but this is a lame solution.
  • I already tried removing them and re-creating them. No solution there.
  • The contacts app version is (both on the Nokia 5 as well as the Nexus 7).
  • When one of the two contacts me, I always see the picture of Contact A (so I think Contact A is contacting me while it's the other one). Also text messages get messed up due to this issue.

I just don't know who is causing this issue. Strange that it happens with my Nokia 5, but not with my Nexus 7.

Thanks in advanced.
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I had double contacts in my phone book.kept deleteing them they just kept returned.i worked out it was what's app synchronization . Stopped sync,deleted my phone book then put them back in hay presto it worked now single entries.
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