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Yellow flash and exposure problem in auto mode

There has been multiple posts on yellow pictures when flash used and exposure problem in auto mode. will it ever get solved?Why we deserve this treatment?Please Hmd/nokia fix this.Among all lumias I had , the cheapest 630 took better picture(let alone my 1020/930/1520) and had a better camera ui.Are you guys going backward?Do not force us to get rid of your phones like Microsoft did. Decades of continued support and love (from 5110 to 3310 to E63 to 808 to 1020 to 930 to 1520 to 950) should not been let down so badly. What have we done to deserve it?If it is a faulty device and can not be fixed by firmware update(extrely unlikely though) please offer free exchange with a updated device.You should compensate us or you are following the same fate your lumia lines had(not saying lumia is bad though, actually it is totally opposite). Do not dare to burn us like this.We can ditch your company as well.Specially with budget giants like Huwaei, one plus , Xiaomi , meizu etc we are spoilt with choices in mid range category. Sorry for such long post.Please wake up now or die a slow but sure death. A longtime fan and supporter.
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