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Nokia Logo on body

The letter "l" in the Nokia logo on the phone body has just peeled off and fallen. This is the logo that seems to be stuck on the metal body below the camera flash. I'm quite surprised on the quality of product being offered by HMD Nokia. I even don't expect any support since I hardly see any issues being addressed here in the forum.

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 Also on my new Nokia 8, the metal "I" has fallen off. It wonder where to get a replacement.

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The A fell off mine the day I got it but just pushed it back in and its fine with a case on it but its annoying nonetheless 

My "I" letter also went missing. And yesterday "K" felt off but i saved it and put it back.

The two of you were lucky to have found the missing letters to push back in the slot. But I don't know where mine fell off and am worried if the Nokia will provide replacement. Will be contacting the support for help and will update.

Same here letter "I" is missing.Suddenly noticed it today just after 4 months of use. Looks like 6000 series aluminium is too soft to hold things together.what a shame once known for its rock solid built. Now nokia is so fragile when it comes to simple branding at the back.

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my KIA letters fall somewhere only NO is on my phone

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After 7 months of use, mine just fell off today, the letters K and I. I was able to retrieve the letter K but I lost the letter I completely. :( Now it reads NOK A at the back of my Nokia 6. 3 I hope HMD do something about this. At least sell replacement letters with better adhesive.

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They must of got rid of these because the two Nokia 5 handsets I purchased don't have these? The Nokia logo on the phone body is just pressed in to the plastic. 

Same here. Letter "I" is missing

Igual en mi Nokia se desprendió Kia rayos yo pensando en que no se iban a caer aora que asemos?
I hope mine wouldn't fall off soon?
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