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NOKIA 8 - Can´t connect to camera error


I have a Nokia 8 phone and recently I receive the error Can´t connect to camera when I switch to front camera. The back camera is working ok. The phone is new and the front camera was ok.

Please I need help with this error. 


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Try settings, apps, camera, storage clear cache see if that works
Same here. However camera chrash after taking first photo, clicking on some button in UI or just after exiting/suspending camera application. Need to restart device everytime I want to capture a new one. "Camera Error. Can't connect to the camera".

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Got same issue, can't connect to camera error when I select front camera. Tried clearing camera cache, data, and also factory reset of mobile, nothing is just a week old, Someone please help!

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Good day I bought my nokia 8 on december 

and am REALLY disappointed with this phone i really tried to support you guys 

after the first week of using the mobile i got big issue with the speaker

and it took 1 week with costumer service and maintenance to bring a new part and replace it with the damaged one, and i was okay with this as long as they fixed it 

yesterday out of nowhere i got this stupid error (cannot connect to camera) 


so i tried to reset my phone forgetting to backup my data 

and after resetting the phone the camera app worked fine, but i lost all of my photos and data 
however i was okay but this happens again today ??? Really and what am i suppose to do now ? reset AGAIN ?!! 
i'm really disappointed in you NOKIA  

Try this: Settings, apps and notifications, camera and DISABLE. Reset your smartphone. Enter again to Settings, apps and notifications, camera and press ENABLE button.
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