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nokia 9 processor

Hi HMD, I hear rumors said that Nokia 9 will powered by Snapdragon 835.I feel very disappointed with the processor.This is because the other manufacturer are using Snapdragon 845 for their 2018 flagship.

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I did reply to this, but my post included hyperlinks and I think they're still being checked by moderators.

Basically, I said I'm not sure the specs you saw are for a Nokia 9, I think they're more likely the updated Nokia 8 or even a "Nokia 7 plus".

Different name same problem, now called Nokia 8 Sirocco but still trying to sell a 2018 phone with a 2017 chipset.

Every review i have read has said how bad a choice this is and i have to agree as i am in two minds to get this phone now.


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I'm sure the fact the Sirocco still uses a 835 chipset is the reason it's not a Nokia 9. I fully expect the Nokia 9, when it's released, to have the highest spec chipset and processing power of any Nokia phone.

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