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Very slow charging on Nokia 6


I'm noticing that the Nokia 6, running Android Oreo, is charging very, very slowly. I've never known anything charge as slow.

I had it plugged in to the wall for about 2 hours, it went up a few %, then started going down, whilst charging. Eventually, I restarted the entire phone, and it began to charge, but still very slowly... takes a number of hours.

This isn't acceptable for a phone in this day-and-age.

Does anyone have a solution, Nokia aware of the issue, or is there any third-party charger (that is safe) that I can buy that will charge the device faster?

i was facing the same issue in oreo.. than roll back to nogout and still facing the problem...   it was not there before upgrading to oreo...  if its not solved i probably sell my device.. so pathetic.. it used to charge 18-25% in 30minits not its charge 6-8% in 30 minits...

now its charge 5-8% in 30 minits how pathetic......

I don't think that was possible, considering that HMD Global doesn't implement fast charging function (i.e. Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0) into Nokia 6.

And speaking of fast charging...HMD Global, if you hear me, please implement the fast charging function into Nokia 6 in the next beta update.

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I think I've found a solution. I decided to try a different USB cable.

After connecting that to the Nokia charger, the phone now charges much faster, and charges fine while being used, too.

It seems that the included Nokia USB cable isn't utilising its full power potential.

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