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Haven't received security patch of December.

The last security patch i got was on November 6th. Now its December 31st and still i haven't got anything! What's wrong guys?

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The same issue here in The Netherlands, TA-1033, provider Lycamobile.

Same problem (1033, Switzerland).
Same here too (TA-1021, Malaysia)
Same issue here (TA-1033, Australia)

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Same here too, no december security patch in Finland, TA-1021
La fel și în ROMANIA nu am primit TA-1021
Yes...same in here.TA-1021.Sri Lanka
Same in Germany TA-1021

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Yes.Anna, you have to answer us! You guys told us that we'll get the official Oreo update before end of the 2017 and HMD only focused on Nokia 8...But it's already 2018! Nokia 6 didn't get it...Even some Nokia 6 user's didn't get the December security patch too...what is happening. Where are your promises?

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Same here, no December security update yet, T-1021 in Finland

I have two identical TA-1033 units. One of them got the December update on approx the 20th, while the other one still doesn’t have it at all. The two phones usually receive their updates at roughly the same time. What gives, Nokia?

Same here: TA-1033 with build 00WW_3_72A (so with the second update (6 november) installed), provider KPN in the Netherlands.

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Same here. Provider is KPN netherlands. Nokia, come on..............

 Same here: TA-1033 with build 00WW_3_72A (so with the second update (6 november) installed) in UK, on EE. Still no December update.

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