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My Oreo upgrade is stil

My Oreo upgrade for my Nokia 8 is still it not rolled out in UK . Is my unit faulty is Nokia not rolling out Oreo in UK

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Literally only got mine a couple of days ago, I think being tested by Vodafone before being rolled out.
I'm on Plusnet (EE). Requested and in literally 10 minutes went into settings, check for update and the beta was there. Highly impressed and glad to be back with Nokia :) May pay to manually check for the beta via settings again.
Molto contento di nokia 8, questa mattina ho ricevuto l'aggiornamento ad Android 8 Oreo con patch di sicurezza Dicembre 2017. Nazione Italia operatore I TIM. Grazie.
Hey guys even I dint get the beta OTA. Since the first day beta was released for Nokia 6 I am trying for it but not at all getting it. Now waiting desperately for Oreo, anyone has idea by when we would be getting Oreo update.......
Hi won the Oreo lottery today, I got the update at last thank you all thank you Nokia thank you

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