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Few suggestions for improvement . NOKIA 3

I would like to share some of my suggestion on how the software and user experience can be improved in Nokia 3 . So here are some of the points that i think should be done with nokia 3 --- (1) . First of all. The camera app... It should be improved it lacks some performance . And the UI can be better . (2) As there is no led for notifications,There should be an ambient display option or feature like what Motorola did ,like the Moto display. There should be something like that as it gives a new feel to users and we can see if there is any notification without unlocking the phone. (3)Ram management can be improved. I hope that it will with the Oreo update. (4 ) I think the display can be more vivid and saturated. I don't know what you prefer , but it can be improved. (5)There is no option like night mode. I think there should be .. As for now these are some points i think Nokia should look into. Please let me know what do you think about it. And please share your thoughts on what more should be done. Thank you for looking into this topic. I hope you have a nice day and wish u a happy new year.

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Tech Wizard

Great suggestion and I think they should have more gesture features like in moto devices like double tap to wake up , swipe left and right to change music when screen is off,Swipe up for flash light when screen is off, triple swipe for screenshot etc.

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