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Bluetooth A2DP

I have an issue streaming via Bluetooth to my car (Golf mk7) using my Nokia 8. Running Android 8. I can connect without problems as such. But when I stream music I get small dropouts of half a second every 10-20 seconds which makes it completely useless. This happens both with cloud streaming and local stored files. I have also tried several different client software (Play Music, Spotify, YouTube). When I do the same from an old Samsung S4 mini it works without problems. Same experience with my recent Samsung S7 and Nexus X5. No problems. Anyone have had the same experience ? Anyone who have an idea for a workaround? It is quite serious for me - will drop the Nokia 8 if I cannot get it to work, even though the rest of the phone is fine for me. /Henrik

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I've had similar issues streaming music to a pair of August EP650 headphones via Bluetooth. Small drop outs every now and again, kind of annoying. It has improved slightly with the official Oreo release but still isn't perfect. It's like audio streaming isn't given a high enough priority over Bluetooth. I found a cheap Bluetooth dongle I have works slightly better with less drop outs. Not sure what version of the Bluetooth protocol either of my audio devices are using so it may have something to do with that as well.
for me the Bluetooth connection drops about every 2 minutes and comes back after a few seconds. i am on oreo. i reported it to Nokia and they escalated the issue. let's see what comes out of this. but i cannot tell if this is related to the same problem, although it seems to be similar.

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I have a Fiio BTR1 and i have noticed couple of issues. Battery drain is too much when using a BT headset. The phone heats up a little too. There's no support for aptX yet. Need a fix for BT issues too
I've same problem just a different is I wanna pair whit my GPS (which is worked whit my Sony Z1 and Samsung galaxy core prime whiteout problems) And now have a new phone and I can't use because a BT is a shi.... Pls doing something whit

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Yo no tengo ningún problema con la conexión Bluetooth A2Dp del Nokia 6 y el stereo del carro, Es más el software del Nokia Dolby ATMOS, mejoró el sonido al 100% lo que ningún teléfono pudo hacer ni siquiera el iPhone 6 o 7. O samsung 6. Este Nokia 6 está actualizado con el parche del 01 de Enero de 2018. Y quiero decir que hicieron un buen trabajo incluyendo en el nokia 6 Dolby ATMOS. El sonido es fantástico en conexiones stereo del carro, sea reproductor google, youtube spotiphy, Es más le instalé el APK walkman purple de Sony y funciona al 100%.
I have same issue with my VW Passat B8. Very annoing BT short drops. It is even dangetous as sometimes needs to take phone to hand when driving. Looks as not possible to use phone in a car anymore. I really consider changing a phone. Waiting for any solution or workaround.

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