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My all feedback since tested with NK 6 Oreo beta

Hi, this post is about all my feedback of both Nougat and Oreo beta test.


- App Androbench deliver worse around 10% ++ result compared to fresh Nougat (I tested once after bought Nokia 6, and another once yesterday with Oreo beta)

- Restarting/Booting time is faster. This is from my feeling. But I think it actually be like that too !

- Vibrate when phone call is picked up by dialed number is missing. Before Oreo, there always be vibration when whom I called pick up.

- App Google Photo sometimes can't use edit function.

- App Facebook doesn't working not well. It's like a bug, may be the app itself, but this happened after I tested Oreo beta.

- Yesterday, just found that Bluetooth connection malfunction. It connected, but sound can't be play through Bluetooth device. I reconnect many times, but not works. The device has a sound to let user know it really connect to my Nokia 6, but when malfunction, this sound still played to let me know it connected. I fixed it by restart Nokia 6 and everything works well again.


- Screen automatic rotation some times work like a mess, it flipped 180 degree and I can recover it back to normal. Have to wait a while. Sometimes working very slow. I already changed to horizontal but screen still on vertical orientation. 

- Randomly, when I press screen lock button. I am sure nothing touch to the finger print scanner, but it vibrate shortly once same as confirmation of finger scanning fail (yes, that feeling, it is the same). This is not a big issue, but just let you know something not working perfectly. 

- Screen capturing is quite slow. My old android device nearly instant capture the screen after press, even it delayed, it not require me to still holding buttons. Nokia 6 is slower and require me to hold buttons until the screen showing capturing is complete.

Just my findings as many as I can remember. In total, I am very pleased to use this device. Nokia 6 is very stable in term of OS and Apps(or software) running. It is more stable than my recent device. Actually, I would like to wait for Nokia 8 but it is not coming at that time. I decided to buy 6 and glad to use this model due to it is a sign of Nokia resurrection. Thanks to HMD to bring back my beloved Nokia brand back, when my Lumia 920 was out of order, I have no idea what I can buy due to more than 10 years, only Nokia is my choice. 

Hope this post help you improve whole system for everyone. ^__^

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