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WiFi issues since Oreo

Both 2g and 5g WiFi disconnecting on a regular basis since Oreo update. Sometimes won't even connect to 5g at all. Is this being fixed with the next firmware update?

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Just want to point out that 5G hasn't really rolled out yet and 2G might not be supported by your network. Wifi is a separate connection type than cellular which 2G and eventually 5G are. (Nokia 8 might not support 5G when it rolls out)

Just got Oreo on Nokia 8 today. Voda UK Not Perfect. Wireless is lagging and cuts off. Browsing is a nightmare on WiFi. Apps lag sending and refreshing data. Phone is absolutely fine in 4G. Anyone else?

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Same for me: Nokia 8, Oreo since couple of weeks, Fastweb mobile, Italy. The WIFI is working not well at all. And is not logging anymore to the Wi-Fi frequency 5Ghrz!! With the usual 2.4Ghrz more or less is going, but is really going up and down. Hope that someone will understand and fix that...

Some problems here. After a few days on, wifi stop working, even if it says is connected. Unable to browse any website or use any internet application. 

I have Issues with Wifi aswell.

Sometimes/Quite often the wifi-connection just "breaks down". phone beeps (default audio - sms tone) and a notification is shown "No internet connection".
While other equipment (Playstation3, other mobiles, PC/LAptops) all work fine at the same time.

"Kicking the phone" (ie. stopping wifi and re-enabling it - the good old: "off and on again") works around the issue, that time. But it will happen multiple times per day.

Had this issue as well, WiFi cutting off after Oreo update. No problem on data connection. 

The annoying thing with this is, Google phone users had exactly the same issue 6 months ago with their Oreo release... Seems odd the WiFi bug was not looked into before roll out.

Me to, Nokia 6 fails to connect to cellular data after WIFI connection is off since updating to OREO, but no problem with the  old beta of oreo.

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Same for Nokia 5 after Oreo update. Constantly loosing connections.

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