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Battery Does Not Charge Above a certain level


In 07/2017 I purchased a Nokia 3.

After 7 months of operation, the battery was not able to charge above 80%.

After this the charging capability of the battery was reduced further to 69%.

This percentage is continiously reduced.

I try to see if there is any problem with the charger so I tried another charger but the problem still exists, so it seems that it not a problem associated with the charger.

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Same thing is happening with my nokia3 also....what should i do

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Same here .- charging stucks at 66%

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This has also started to happen with my nokia 8 will only seem to charge to 50% What's going on.

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I found out that it just shows the wrong battery percentage - my was acutally 100% charged, despite showing stuck at 68%:

Try this:

1. enter recovery mode

2. Use "wipe user cache"

3. restart

Thank me later


My Solution

I had the same problem repeatedly. Nokia 3 did not charge fully but (obviously) stopped at 60 or 70 %.
After much googling and doing same experiments I found the following solution which worked for me.

Step 1: Let the Nokia battery drain until Android automatically shuts down.
(Beware: battery is not yet fully discharged).
Step 2: Connect original Nokia charger and boot into Recovery Mode (hold Vol+ and On-Button for 30 sec).
Step 3: Disconnect charger (important), wipe cache partition, and wait in this mode for 2-3 hours until Nokia
ultimatly shuts down. Now the battery is completely discharged.
Step 4: Connect charger again, but do not yet start Android ( ! ), let battery charge and wait for 3-4 hours.
Step 5: When full, start Android the normal way (Hurray) !

Explanation: The charging problem occurs because Nokia has a smart battery - it detects overheating in charging
and protects itself. Thats why in such a case the percentage shows only 60% or 70% (although truely it is charged to 100%).
Draining battery in Android mode does not help because Android shuts down long before the battery truely is empty.
In Recovery Mode it drains completely and the battery statistics is now resetted (wipe cache partition).
This procedure is NOT healthy to the LI-ION battery and should not repeated regularly.

Prevention: The irritating battery percentage occurs when Nokia 3 is charged under warm conditions
(eg near radiator or when some heavy bachground processes run or with a charger > 2 Amps).
Then the smart battery sometimes stops at 60 - 70%. So the best prevention is:
Shut down Android before plugging in the original Nokia charger.

Hope this helps ...
Best regards

Here is the perfect solution to it...

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