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Battery Does Not Charge Above a certain level


In 07/2017 I purchased a Nokia 3.

After 7 months of operation, the battery was not able to charge above 80%.

After this the charging capability of the battery was reduced further to 69%.

This percentage is continiously reduced.

I try to see if there is any problem with the charger so I tried another charger but the problem still exists, so it seems that it not a problem associated with the charger.

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Same thing is happening with my nokia3 also....what should i do

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Same here .- charging stucks at 66%

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This has also started to happen with my nokia 8 will only seem to charge to 50% What's going on.

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I found out that it just shows the wrong battery percentage - my was acutally 100% charged, despite showing stuck at 68%:

Try this:

1. enter recovery mode

2. Use "wipe user cache"

3. restart

Thank me later

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