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Poor performace of 5_160 build

After the latest update of Oreo beta that came a few weeks ago (build 00WW_5_160), the system feels much slower and less responsive. It takes much longer to open an applications and there are constant hiccups in all apps. I also have feeling that the battery is drained much faster, even during standby only.

The first Oreo beta build was much better in this regards...

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I have the same. The battery is good, but the preformance is poor.

I have the same overall slowness with the 5.160 release. Previous beta was much faster.

I agree with you. This build is slower then the previous one and I think it's because they kinda fixed the issue with apps being killed in background and now that this works, the apps consume memory in the background. That is just my guess.

@Mr. Nokia

I don't think it has to do with memory consumption sec. Also after fresh start with limited apps active it feels sluggish.

I also have this problem and noticed that when it gets slower tha battery drains very fast. Since 7.1.2 update it's been a nightmare to use my Nokia 5. My wife's Nokia 3 is faster than mine right now

Me too with same issue. I just reset my phone and turned off notification for system update. Cant belive Nokia coming back with such low performance devices (Mine is Nokia 5).

I'm glad i'm not the only one... The performance of my phone is soooo ow after the official update... Apps like facebook messanger... WhatsApp... And tons of others open verry verry slow... Do not responde... NOKIA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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