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Support for aptX & aptX HD

Do we know if Nokia 8 with Oreo already supports these Bluetooth standards already ? If not, will they be supported in the near future ? I can see these options under Settings -> Developer options, but when I select aptX, the setting is reverted back to SBC...

Can one of the admins care to comment on this ?


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I too would like to know if we'll get aptX support. That being said, now with the Oreo update, selecting AAC seems to have improved audio quality and dropped audio latency, so it more acceptable.

I've tried contacting Nokia via twitter regarding this, but have got no reply. May try other channels until I can get an answer.

Unfortunately, seems that aptx libraries are not present. In programmer's mode, you can select any option (aptX and LDAC seems to be the most interesting ones), but the system reverts always to SBC. It's pretty disappointing to hear silence about this. AFAIK, hardware is there, software is not. Nokia 8 is a terrific device, but this absence is unacceptable. I hope this can be solved in an upcoming update.

LDAC is definitely the most interesting for me (see my old thread about this). But even about aptX I would be happy. Unfortunately not even in the Oreo 8.1 beta there anything better than aac working. This is bad. :/
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