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Support for aptX & aptX HD

Do we know if Nokia 8 with Oreo already supports these Bluetooth standards already ? If not, will they be supported in the near future ? I can see these options under Settings -> Developer options, but when I select aptX, the setting is reverted back to SBC...

Can one of the admins care to comment on this ?


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Yeah, but as was said before, for aptX to work, phone manufacturer had to pay royalties to Qualcomm. And Nokia/HMD obviously didn't in case of Nokia 8 at least (I have headphones that support aptX, it worked on Nexus 6P with a custom ROM, it doesn't on Nokia 8).

The thing is that the Nokia 8 had AptX HD codecs enabled before the Oreo upgrade.

I have the Sony WH-1000XM2 that supports AptX HD and LDAC.

When I asked customer service about it all I got in reply was that the Nokia 8 have no support for AptX HD or LDAC. They didn't even comment on the fact that the phone supported AptX HD out of the box prior to Oreo.

I know someone has said that they have been told that it is a bug that AptX HD doesn't work, but the Oreo update came out almost half a year ago and still they haven't bothered to deal with it.

Other issues I have with the phone is very poor WiFi support, many of the networks around me aren't visible at all or drop out often on the Nokia 8 while other devices work just fine. GSM band support is also not what I expected, the phone refuses to connect to some networks while my trusty Nexus 5 and 6 works just fine.

I'm currently just waiting for the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium to get released so that I can enjoy a phone that is what I expected the Nokia 8 would be.

Good camera, good sound quality, broad GSM band support and a working WiFi.

I want the old Nokia back from 20 years ago where Nokia was associated with quality and user experience, now it seems to be quantity over quality.



Yes I do know that Qualcomm needs royalties and its sad that Nokia has not paid the royalties because there is no mention of Nokia 8 on the aptx site.

I was just making a general response that to use high res BT codes both transmitting & receiving device needs to support the codec.

@Abuyer, both devices must support this. That should be obvious. Other things you say are simply not true. Nokia 8 does not support ANY of the codecs aptX, aptXHD (probably royalties) or the more advanced LDAC (already part of AOSP!!). Read some comments from this thread and try to catch up please: Despite the fact that our headphones are supporting this technology, it's impossible to use it with our Nokias. That's pretty much the whole point of this thread.


I know "it should be obvious" but many people don't know about it.

I did read the thread and only then did I comment. "Other things you say are simply not true"?? What was not true?? I mentioned aptx support is missing on the Nokia 8 and LDAC only works on Sony headphones. What was not true??

As I stated previously I was making a general response about BT codecs and Oreo does support all BT codecs, notice I mentioned Oreo not Nokia 8 and to benefit from the codecs your headphone also needs to support the codec otherwise its SBC all the way.

What was not true??

My mistake! Apologies! I misread, thinking you were talking about "Nokia Oreo supports ..." when indeed you were talking only about Oreo in general. Exactly the reason why it's so difficult to understand why Nokia would simply not have anything better here.
user1509685638205 Mate I was going to buy a 1000xm2 and that is why I was looking for aptx and ldac support thread. Did aptx and ldac really work on Nougat(?) If it did we need to be vocal and demand HMD bring it back. Some thread mentions that its a bug on Oreo. If it did work before lets tweet @HMD and Nokia and demand to bring it back.


ABuyer, yes AptX HD worked out of the box with Nougat when I bought my Nokia 8. It stopped working when it was updated to Oreo and no LDAC support like I had hoped it would get since Sony donated it to AOSP and Nokia uses a very clean AOSP build in their phones. Sadly it got reduced to only SBC and ACC codecs with the Oreo update. Removing a feature without notifying customers is a big NONO and also illegal in some countries, if it is due to a bug then Nokia has been ignoring it for nearly half a year.

@ HMD devs Please bring back aptx HD and LDAC support on the Nokia 8.

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Any Update here? Without Apt X the Phone is useless for me. I switched from iPhone to Android only for Apt X Support.

So I got the Sony 1000XM2 noise cancelling headphones and they support all BT codes, AAC, aptx/HD & LDAC and on the Nokia 8 running 8.1 Oreo the system defaults to AAC when connected to the headphones which is like aptx so no issue there.

I have 2 older xperia phones which support aptx and I have to say with my headphones AAC sounds better(cleaner/more open) than aptX especially in the highs and upper mids. Now this could be due to BT 5.0 support on the Nokia 8(I can't say for sure that is this because of BT 5.0 vs 4.1 since 5.0 has greater bandwidth than 4.1). Both Xperia Z series are on BT4.1.

Another thing that is "better" or different between AAC and aptX is that when using the sony headphone connect app I can use the EQ with AAC and keep priority on sound quality rather than connection stability. With aptx the moment I try to access the EQ it prompts to go for connection statbility rather than sound quality. 

What I am disappointed by is that LDAC which is a free codec is not present. aptX & aptxHD require royalties, fine but not including LDAC is a poor decison.

Really disappointed that there is no aptx or even LDAC as mentioned above, LDAC wouldn't even cost royalties to implement... Next phone I get i will make damn sure it has aptx or LDAC, and I bet it wont be a Nokia...
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