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Hard reset not working

I tried to go in hard reset menu on my TA-1012 Nokia 8 but it’s not working. I tried the tutorials from youtube but none is working, eg: power off, connect the phone to charger, press simultaneously volume up and power buttons and wait for the menu but the android logo appears then nokia logo. Pressing volume down and power buttons goes to safe mode. Could some please help ?

Connect it to a computer and install the drivers then try

I don't know if you still need help, but maybe someone might find this useful. I struggled with getting in the boot menu too, but eventually found a solution that worked:

1. Power off

2. Press and hold volume up button until the phone turns on and android logo and text "no command" shows up

3. Simultaneously press volume up and power button (this took a few tries)

4. Boot menu should appear now

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 With OREO, none of these methods seem to be working.

Power with Vol+, no

Power with Vol-, no

Both of these tried with and without cable connected to charger and PC.

What is the Factory reset method that is working?

Safe Mode is possible with Power and Vol-


 OK, managed to find the way.

  1. Shutdown the device
  2. Press VOL + from phone and keep it pressed
  3. Connect USB cable to computer and attach it to phone (phone still powered down).
  4. Keep VOL + pressed until you see Android Robot
  5. Release VOL +
  6. Press VOL + and Power keys briefly
  7. Continue from menu...
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