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Issue on Receiving Calls / SMS

I have bought Nokia 5 few months back and currently I'm on the latest stable update for it. But I have found that there is a issue with receiving SMS and Calls. Most of the time when phone is in idle condition I'm not receiving any calls. I have checked it and the other person get the not available / not reachable recording. Since all the other phones worked at the same time in same location, this is not a carrier issue. And there is a problem with receiving SMS also. Sometimes all messages come at once and some OTP messages did't get at all. I have switched the sim to another phone and things are working fine as usual.

Also I have a friend having Nokia 6, and he has the same issue for months. Now he's planing to change his device due to that issue and I have to do the same if this happens in next few weeks. We have contacted Nokia customer care few times and they only asked to clear the cache. We have complaint this over months same as others, but no notable announcement even accepting this kind of issue.

If their phones can't do the basics of mobile phones what's the point of having them. Not recommended to buy this with current conditions.

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