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OS Download

I think Nokia should allow us to to download and install the OS from then without us having to wait for our network to show it. I user found out that EE are blocking the download for what reason I don't know but he removed his EE SIM and put a Vodafone SIM card in and Oreo downloaded. I'm in BT network who uses EE and still waiting on Oreo. I have order a free Vodafone SIM card to allow me to install Oreo. It shouldn't have to be like this and I'm sure many Nokia users would like to have the choice to download and install the latest stable or beta versions of the OS them selves instead of all this waiting and contacting support who come up with anything because they don't know what's going on. Support conversations would be cut as well by allowing us to download the latest versions. Please please please Nokia allow us to do this as this is the only reason I'm considering going back to onrplus as it's the way forward. Android is all about it being open. Freedom as after all we own the device.

well, I'm not that familiar with Android coming from Windows Mobile
nevertheless it looks like that the provider has quite some influence.

Also due to the high amount of phones sold by them.

So I guess Nokia would do it but they can't.

I am on BT and have been receiving all of the updates shortly after they are released. I doubt whether they make changes to the OS via the SIM and I don't believe they even sell the Nokia 8. Is it not possible that the update is being blocked by your broadband supplier or router settings?

Can we stop creating more topics on this, there is already enough threads on Oreo and how to update in addition to the plethera of information on XDA and Reddit.

While you are adding to the discussion creating a new topic just adds to the confusion, I've written a detailed explaination about what is occuring and I don't believe Nokia have any control however they're not being very transparent with their consumers and that is the real issue.

@Derekrs were you on the beta labs?

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I think you're on a whitelist however I do not have enough data about BT Mobile users to build up a picture their provisioning approval.

Without Nokia coming clean about the whole process we're in the dark.

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Nothing to block it so it's Nokia

@GEMINI75 it isn't Nokia blocking, it is how they have implemented the update process using carrier detection via the GSF.

If the carrier hasn't approved the update you won't receive it, Nokia could make a change to whitelist SIM free handsets however I am not sure how feesable that is.

Decided to send Nokia 8 back and went for a oneplus 5t instead
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