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Threema problems

Hi, Since the last update a few days past I have problems with therma. The phone says background data deactivated. But in preference the mobile data are on and the in the app preferences the background permition is giving. Before patch threeme have no problems. Please help Andi

 Hi Andi,

What is Theeme?

Oh in the text the automatic correction was active. I mean the app Threema (it spells right in the total)

So are you unable to receive messages on the app?

Sorry it isn't clear what the problem first option however would be to uninstall the app and resinstall it from the app store.

I receive messages from the app not in real-time. Android seems to stop background /push sync after a couple of minutes. Destination and reinstall was the first thing I have done. Andi

 Hi Andi,

Sounds like an issue with the GCM, see this post:

Threema GCM

If this does not resolve it I would suggest a hard reset, not the best solution but sometimes it clears up OS upgrade bugs.


I have the same "background data disabled" notification since running Oreo and also with latest December Oreo update. I mostly got it in the morning after Phone has been in deep sleep over night. Contacted Threema support and the confirmed that the notification comes from Threema app. They changed something in latest Threema beta and encouraged me to join beta in Play Store, but I did not try up to now, because I use Threema very rarely... Maybe you try and give feedback here? I suppose that disabling "battery optimization" for Threema app will also solve it...
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