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Meego OS

I think Nokia should bring back Meego OS in the form of full OS or in the form of Custom Skin. That OS was the most beautiful and robust operating system ever made.
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I assume you mean Meego Harmattan which was used on the N9, successor to Maemo 5 used on the N900? Real Meego was never used on Nokia phones according to some people - but that's all history now.

There are some themes available for Android which provide the same look as MeeGo Harmattan but I don't think anything provides the same Swipe UI.

If you want to use Meego then the closest thing is Sailfish OS which has a similar Swipe UI and is based on Meego Harmattan from the N9. Not many phones are available with it - you might be lucky and find an Intex Aqua Fish on ebay! Or you can buy a Sony Xperia X and install Sailfish X on it.

It would be nice if HMD could work with Jolla to make a version of Sailfish for Nokia phones, but I doubt it will happen soon, HMD probably have higher priorities (although I'm sure all the staff know each other since their offices are very close to each other!).

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