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Will TA-1021 work for the us carriers?

Hello! So I bought a Nokia 6 in Vietnam in a store called thegioididong, and I live in the us, and I wondered as if I can use the phone with my T-Mobile carrier, I at least need it to work with 3G, I will also wonder if I will get Beta Labs update since I signed up to the Beta Labs Program.

T-Mobile supports 2/4/12/66/71 LTE bands, while TA-1021 supports 1/3/5/7/8/20/28/38/40. I'm afraid you'll not have LTE working at all. TA-1025 better suits for the US market, since it supports 2/3/4/7/12/17/28/38

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T-Mobile uses bands 2/4 for 3G, while TA-1021 supports 1/2/5/8 bands for 3G. So you will get some 3G coverage unless Band 2 is not used in your area.

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Hey, So I bought Nokia 6 (TA 1021) in India and now I've shifted to US. I bought the LYCA Mobile SIM but my phone is always on either 2G (Edge). It doesn't even support 3G or 4G. Could some one please help me out by providing information on what bands my phone supports and what bands lyca mobile supports? Thanks

Lycamobile US uses T-Mobile network. So previous answer applies to your case. You won't get LTE working at all and you may get some 3G coverage on Band 2. TA-1025 and TA-1039 are the models intended for the US market.

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