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Can we please have a 7.1.1 ROM image

The RAM flaw introduced in 7.1.2 has still not been fixed. It's not fixed in the Oreo beta which seems some way off being releasable.

It's over two months since this critical flaw was notified to you.

Can you at lease make a 7.1.1 ROM image available so some of us at least can revert to a stable version?

Really you should provide a revert to 7.1.1 system like the beta reverts.

Actually you should have fixed this by the end of November at the latest - shame on you.

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Would be very welcome indeed - I've day-to-day issues now as I cannot enter 2 factor authentication codes from my authenicator app, as the app in which I need to enter them force-closes when I switch between apps...

If you want to downgrade to 7.1.1, follow Xda forum guide ;)

Thanks but I think that only the dual sim firmware has been archived. TA-1024 firmware is not available unofficially.

No disrespect but we shouldn't have to resort to modding tools to fix this problem.

Many manufacturers make the ROM images available so phones can be flashed using ADB.

I still can't quite believe that HMD are leaving Nokia 5 users with this problem while they faff around with Oreo beta's. It's no use being on the latest Android version if the phone becomes erratic after 18 to 24 hours because of a critical RAM handling error (heap corruption? looks like it).

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