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Display keeps turning on


Since I've got my Nokia 8 (in September 2017), the display keeps turning on when I'm not using the phone. This happens hourly or so. I don't see a reason for that to happen, neither does a notification arrives, nor is the phone moved.

I had hoped, that the issue would be resolved with the Oreo update, but unfortunately it didn't.

This bothers me, because I can imagine, that the battery saver moder always turns off when the display is turning on and so my charge doesn't last as long as without this problem.

Has anyone the same problem or even a solution?

Thank you,


Just to double check, isn't glance?

No, it is like either double tap on the screen to wake the phone or push the on/off button.

Sounds like a misbehaving app if it is routine every hour, have a look at the power management.

Reboot in Safe mode. Hold the power button, on the Power off/Reboot screen, hold down on the reboot option. It will reboot in safe mode where only the native apps are loaded. Check if the issue still happens. If it doesn't happen, then it's time to start uninstalling all your apps until you find the culprit.

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