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Metallic body.

I don't really know if this is the right place to say this but please, make your future phones with a metallic body. It is more solid and feels better (in my opinion) than glass. I know, I am a single guy on the internet but still, that's why I love the Nokia 6 and would love newer phones like that with upgraded hardware. I will keep an eye on your future phones!

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We've had some lively discussions in this forum about the best material to make phones from!

Personally, I prefer metal or high quality plastics instead of glass. However, any material made well and properly considered in the technical design of the phone will be fine with me - heck, why not make a phone from sustainable hardwood!

Is that so? I am sorry that I created a new topic then... You are absolutely right, every properly made material can be used, it comes down to preferences in the end.  Which I just said as there are less and less metallic body phones. Nothing more, nothing less. I justed wanted HMD to know that but didn't know where to do so.

Thanks for your enlightment! At the very least, you enlarged my vision of things. :)

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It's okay - if you've just arrived here you wouldn't know about previous discussions. I agree that the best way to tell Nokia and HMD what you like is to write it here, so no problem with that.

My aluminium N8 is a great phone to hold, feels very different from plastic and glass phones.

If you've got time to look around the forum, especially in the General Product Discussion, Product Feature Ideas, Software and Anything Goes areas then you'll find many discussions about things like materials, operating system, interface types, etc. It would be great if you have something to say to keep these existing threads going, this way the people who've already commented will see your post and keep the discussion going :)

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It's not compatible with wireless charging. It's fine for the time being and I agree has the most premium feel, but once wireless charging becomes ubiquitous/more effective, the metal bodies will have to go.

I am well aware that it's incompatible with wireless charging. Honestly I wouldn't care less about a feature but I guess HMD can't just make metllic body for premium phones which will sooner or later have excellent Wireless charging.

But honestly, they could still make metallic bodies for low to medium end phones which won't have wireless charging but better quality/price ratio or other features for the same price.

And I will be perfectly satisfied with another phone like Nokia 6 but with updated chipset and RAM or something!

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I'm curious if an aluminum body could be cast or milled with a circular cutout in the back which could then allow a wireless charging coil to be covered in some suitable, tough, non-metallic material? That would be the best of both worlds. The strength of the aluminum is most important on the perimeter of the phone because that is where most impacts occur when the phone is dropped.

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Nice suggestion! I don't see why it wouldn't possible, but perhaps the choice comes down to fashion and aesthetics rather than feasibility (probably cost is a factor too).

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