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New Nokia 6 2nd generation

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So the new Nokia 6 has been launched, currently on available in China.

Will there be a new sub-forum for this phone?

The new phone looks nice, decent specs, but some things are disappointing:

  • Mono speakers, not stereo and no Dolby Atmos - why have stereo microphones but not stereo speakers?
  • Android 7, not 8 - seems a strange decision.

The new phone looks very nice. I wish the Snapdragon 630 had been in the 2017 Nokia 6 instead of a somewhat weak Snapdragon 430. As for it coming with Nougat and not Oreo, I guess that's because the Chinese versions are skinned and consequently the software takes more time to develop - the same reason why the TA-1000 and TA-1003 variants haven't received the beta yet.

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 I see news that the new Nokia 6 will receive Android 8 update when it is first turned on - good news!

Yup, but it definitely seems like HMD is trying to avoid Project Treble here. Meanwhile the original 6's bootloader is still locked, and custom ROMs are nowhere to be found. The updates have been timely so far, but I wonder how long they'll be delivered.

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 I also noticed that this approach meant they could avoid Project Treble.

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