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Weather widget & app

Hi, I think all Nokia users will glad to have a Nokia weather app & specially a weather widget. I know there's a weather app in system, but there's no any weather widget or app we can use in the phone (built in). So guys, please add a weather app & a widget too to all Nokia phones 

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I TOTALY agree with you nokia should add some custom apps with the android especially weather and device monitor apps for tunning of phones please nokia roll out such updates for nokia 5 stock andriod is not enough at all

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I do agree with you. Too tired of waiting, I've made my own weather and clock widget, lol

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@user1515249259615 Nokia has already added a device monitor inside the 'support' app. It's available in the latest version of the 'support' app. And you can add weather shortcut from Google search. If you search with the keyword 'weather' in the built in Google app, you'll find an option to add weather shortcut to home screen. This shortcut will give you access to the hidden Google Weather app.

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@Sabbir Yes, it's true we can add Google weather shortcut & it has a nice interface. I'm currently using it. But it'd be better if we can have a weather widget, at least 

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@sabbir first of thank u for leting me now how to add default weather by google but how to add a widget on home screen along with clock widget any idea??? Secondly yes you r right that there is device monitor in support but u cant tweak it like for example in huawei phone manager there are options for storage cleaner. phone accelator traffic manager app security for privacy. Yes there are apps available in play store for all these functions but u know that mostly come with ads and top of that authenticity and reliabilty is an issue in itself. So nokia should provide these sort of built in apps stand alone andoriod doesnt cater all these issues

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Yes, It would be better if there were weather widget and more functional device manager available. Hope, in future, Nokia will make available those things.

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