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How do I stop WiFi connection lost tone

If my WiFi connection drops my Nokia 5 rings like I got a text message. It's really annoying. How do I stop it happening?

I asked this question 3 weeks ago and no one bothered answering. Really what's the point of this forum? I thought it was to ask for help. It looks like no one is ever going to answer my question. What a useless waste of time. Worst support forum I ever came across. No effort to help whatsoever.


Hi user1511348850781,

While this is a place where you can come for peer-to-peer discussion, the forum is not an official technical support channel. For tech support, please contact customer support: Support App or nokia.com/phones/support


I don't know if this is a bug or a rough edge but it is certainly annoying. It shouldn't make a noise for this. It actually shows a notification for about half a second but it disappears too quickly to access the block controls.

I managed to make my Nokia 5 stop doing this by going into Settings->WiFi and then tapping on the cog icon. Under there is an option to "Switch to mobile data automatically". Switching that option on stops the connection lost tone.

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