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Bt problems with Honda connect and Oreo

Hi everyone! Since my update i can not hear music with spotify and bt audio on my new car (Honda Civic my 2017) I can see the songs and play and pause its even rewind and ff but there is no music at all. With other phones and with nougat rom everything runs fine. Everything else works fine (calls, sync). Can you help me? Thx and regards

I thought I had a similar problem with my Toyota Verso and found that I had to crank up the volume on the phone to almost full in order to hear music through the car's system using Bluetooth. Have you tried this?
Thanks for your answer. I have tries everything, but it just does not work. There is no sound even with another apps as well

Any update on this issue? I have just got my Nokia 8 and upgraded to 8.1.0 Oreo and... I have the same problem. It works with any headphone BT device like BT headphones, BT speaker but NOT with our cars. Tried with my Honda Civic with the integrated HFT BT 2.0 from 2010 as well as a Toyota Aygo from 2015. Both work fine with old HTC and Samsung Android phones and with iPhone 5 and 6. With this Nokia it connects and then 2s into the audio streaming or voice call the BT service fails and it won't connect anymore.

I have just had to purchase this thing from Amazon that is a BT receiver with embedded mic and handsfree and plugs into my car AUX IN 3.5mm jack. This works fine and it does not disconnect.

I do appreciate that this is not a Nokia issue but related to ALL Android 8.x phones including Google own Pixel phones.


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