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MMS works when sending to one recipient but not to two or more

If I want to send a photo or audio file to more than one person (as a mass message, not a group message) I get the message “To send this message, go to settings and change your group messaging setting to ‘group MMS’. The message won’t send. But I don’t have that option in my settings for the android message app. Can anybody help me with this, Nokia 8 on the Telstra network in Australia.

I have this same problem and I'm with Optus. Nokia can you please let us know how we can fix this??

I think it's an issue with both Australian carriers and Android Messenger. I don't think Australian carriers can do group messages. If I remove my Sim card I get the group message option in settings. Once I put it back in, the option vanishes. This is of little use to me, obviously. Iam using textra for messages now, I have selected mass text on the group msgs setting, and it works fine.
I m in Australia with Optus the using pixel phone and group messaging option is available. However my other phone Nokia 8 same sim card the option is not present... Any idea here? Thx you
I have the same problem with the Nokia 6. Email help desk not helpful. There is NO option under the advanced settings for group MMS. My previous Nokia (Windows) could do this. Most frustrating.

I take it you've been into the messaging settings > Advanced and told it to send a group MMS as opposed to an SMS to all members of the group?

As mentioned, there is no option to send to a group, under the advanced setting, tho that little puece of advice appears at the bottom of the screen. Five days ago Nokia email helpdesk asked for all sorts of running systems etc and gave the same advice. Haven't heard from them since, even tho i included a screenshot of the settings.

I wonder if it's a country restriction as my messaging app is set to UK so that may be why I have the Advanced settings.

Thanks for your help Terminusaquo. I've downloaded Textra which does group mms. My previous Nokia, running Windows, worked much better. Maybe Australia is somehow behind the baseline with this phone.
It works in Norway with Telenor(carrier). I’ve just returned from Spain where i had the same issues that you explain (dont remember the carrier)
Very weird. An extended April 1st joke? I have deleted the app and installed Textra - all good.

MMS has always been unreliable on any android phone i have owned, thank the lord for Whatsapp that's all i can say given the UK network charges for MMS are now stupid high.

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