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MMS works when sending to one recipient but not to two or more

If I want to send a photo or audio file to more than one person (as a mass message, not a group message) I get the message “To send this message, go to settings and change your group messaging setting to ‘group MMS’. The message won’t send. But I don’t have that option in my settings for the android message app. Can anybody help me with this, Nokia 8 on the Telstra network in Australia.

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I have this same problem and I'm with Optus. Nokia can you please let us know how we can fix this??

I think it's an issue with both Australian carriers and Android Messenger. I don't think Australian carriers can do group messages. If I remove my Sim card I get the group message option in settings. Once I put it back in, the option vanishes. This is of little use to me, obviously. Iam using textra for messages now, I have selected mass text on the group msgs setting, and it works fine.
I m in Australia with Optus the using pixel phone and group messaging option is available. However my other phone Nokia 8 same sim card the option is not present... Any idea here? Thx you
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