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Bluetooth audio and Android Pay. Two devices, two major issues. Contributions please.

Can’t I just say, I don’t want to hear if everything is working perfectly for you. There is definitely an issue with the following two things, and I want Nokia to pay attention to this and fix it, so I’d like those with issues to contribute if possible. This is not a hardware issue, or if it is it affects all hardware and needs to be given due attention. 1 - Bluetooth audio streaming is unreliable. I am able to pair my AirPods perfectly fine to a Nokia 6 and have absolutely zero issues. On the Nokia 8 I will get dropouts that can last over a minute. Even if I choose the audio stream as low quality (i.e. not AAC) I still get dropouts. It’s as if the OS suddenly drops the priority of audio streaming to the bottom of the pile and forgets to use it. 2 - Android Pay is flaky at best. Almost ever time I go to use it, nothing happens. This is *not* to do with how I’m holding the handset to the terminal, because if I turn the screen off and unlock the phone a second time it will work perfectly. It’s as if NFC isn’t waking up. As I said, both of these features are absolutely flawless on the Nokia 6, even running the Oreo Beta. I sent my original Nokia 8 back because of these issues (which is a shame as I got it from Amazon Warehouse for an absolute steal). I have now replaced my Nokia 8 with a 128GB model from a completely different store, so unless I’m the unluckiest person in the world, this is clearly an issue not specific to one unit.

With Bluetooth audio playback I can concur that dropouts do occur, I've not experienced them lasting for over a minute though. A slight glitch is all I've noticed, this usually only happens for me if the phone is also doing something else like trying to browse a website while listening to music. I've found if I just sit the phone down and let the screen turn off it will work just fine. I've tested with a few different Bluetooth devices and it's much the same, so don't think it's down to the device it's connected to. I agree that for whatever reason streaming audio over Bluetooth isn't being given a high enough priority to work correctly and with some digging around the net it does seem to be a common problem with android and Google were supposed to be giving it a higher priority. I'm guessing your problems with android pay are probably to do with the NFC issues that have been reported. A work around for some people has been to toggle NFC off and then on again before trying to make a payment. I also think these are likely software issues and not hardware related.

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Yes, toggling works every time, as does locking the screen and unlocking again. Sometimes it does work without doing any of these things but usually it doesn't. A lot of people have spoken of holding the device in the 'correct' way at the terminal but this is not the issue. I can hold the device even further away once I've locked and unlocked the screen and it will work as perfectly as if there was never an issue. I can hold it topside touching the terminal, camera lens touching the terminal, side touching the terminal or standing on my hands and juggling upside down in front of the terminal and if it doesn't want to activate NFC for the payment then it just won't. I think the people saying they have it working perfectly either have something installed or switched on in there device that keeps NFC 'alive' or there is something else particular to them, as I am absolutely certain that it isn't hardware now my second device does exactly the same thing. It's unfortunate really as this and other forums convinced me I had a faulty device and I sent it back to Amazon (£253). This new device has cost me £419 and is no better, though I guess at least now I have 128GB and 6GB of RAM. If I'd known for sure there was no hardware issue though I would have just stuck with my cheaper device.
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