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Battery...RAM...PiP mode...sound...display

Battery draining very fast... consuming RAM too much....I CAN'T access PiP mode fast Dolby Atmos.... poor sound quality..... Camera quality not good no bothie,portrait mode

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But the yellow flash is now fixed, camera seems ok now.Dolby is gone, but battery consumption is more or less same.Charging time is a bit slower though but that is expected cause it is a beta build.
Youtube app is not support PIP mode. You can use youtube by desktop on Chrome. The same for any video on website. (Show fullscreen and click Home button) And use google map in PIP mode.
Battery is draining very fast. Camera quality is also poor. No portrait mode in camera. Yellowish photos at night when taking photos.

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I am not sure about bothie mode whether this model will get it or not but if you wanna try portrait mode on your handset try Google camera UI from here u will get the portrait mode and more enhanced image quality Trust me I am using it and loving it

Tech Wizard

Battery drain is the same, maybe the phone is used more? - The biggest power drain on Nokia 6 is the screen, and an extra hour makes a big difference.
The detailed battery info in Oreo beta does not work properly on my phone, but the battery is still good for ~2 days of average use (or 4-5 hours of photo/video recording and editing!)

The different camera modes moved to the hamburger menu, top left.

Power-saving and LED light bulbs cause a yellow/amber tint on indoor photos. Some light bulbs are worse than others.

Please provide samples when complaining about camera quality?


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