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Nokia 6- Youtube API is not working after 7.1.2 System update

Hello Nokia Support Team,

After update Nokia 6 to latest Android version 7.1.2 all the other app Youtube videos are not working and I checked over internet and seems that issues is happens only on Nokia Devices and same issue is logged on this Portal. Please check below link for more details.

Can you guys please check and provide the fixes for this issue? 

Thanks & Regards

Hello Team,

Can you please check and help us with the solution?



First at all, I hate to say this, but you made the forum topic in the wrong forum board. You are supposed to make thread about the problem with the phone in its current Android 7.1.2 version on the Products boards, not on the Beta Labs boards.

The Beta Labs boards is for those who are beta testing the Android 8.0 Oreo before it can be finalized and pushed to everyone.

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