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Nokia 3 overheating and burning screen

Hi 4months back I bought myself a Nokia 3 cellphone the white one problem began a month after I got the phone. It started heating uo, the battery would drain real quickly and the heating started Buring the screen on the left side near the memory card and simcard area. I took the phone in for repairs and a month later after repairs I received a new phone the black one. Now the new phone doesn't heatup as much as the old phone but the screen is starting to show that burn Mark on the left side near the simcard and memory card area and I'm wondering is this a norm with this phone? I mostly use facebook on it but I do have other apps installed but they are not running. Can you answer me cause I can't wait another month for a new phone that will do exactly the same thing again. It's this is your factory fault fix it, it's too early for complaints especially after you guys have been out of the industry for such a long time

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