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Problem with Memory. Video Files and Audio Files, gets blurry!


when i mount my sdcard as portable it gets corrupted, i experienced this a couple of times, so i tried to use my sdcard as shared internal storage, seems to solve the problem, but theres another thing that came up, my audio files and video files gets blurry.

does anyone having trouble having trouble like this?

Tech Wizard

The SD memory card should be replaced at the first sign of failure.
It may be possible to format and re-use a memory card after file corruption has occurred, but it is not worth the risk and uncertainty in my opinion.

Please note, all memory cards wear out over time. Poor quality in months, while good quality memory cards are reliable for years.

I suggest buy a reputable brand replacement from a reputable seller.

A good quality 32 or 64 GB UHS-1 micro-SD is a relatively small investment.


my memory card is a new one, i bought it along with my nokia 6

Tech Wizard

The 'tap to fix errors' on the SD card, from the screen-shot in your other post, indicates that the memory card is defective.

- That's why I suggest a replacement before blaming the phone.

Defects happen. Genuine, reputable brand memory cards come with an extended money-back warranty, via the retailer or directly from the manufacturer.

The phone could also be defective but please first rule out the SD card?


at first when i use my sdcard as a portable storage, for a time being it works just fine. but hours, a day or couple of days later, the sdcard gets corrupted, its usually happen after a restart, so i formatted it a shared internal storage, seems to work just fine, no more corrupted sdcard, but when i put my media files, audio or video, files get blurry. in the end i'll just try to buy new sdcard, can you suggest a brand of sdcard thats compatible with nokia 6?

Tech Wizard

Blurred video and audio on the phone is not normal, and the SD card must also work when configured as portable storage.

A too slow or a defective memory card slows down the whole phone when it is formatted as shared internal storage. I don't do that, 32 GB is IMO plenty space for lots of apps and offline data.

My choice of SD is a Kingston 64GB UHS-1 speed class U3, set up as portable storage for pictures, music and videos.

It is fast enough for HD video and burst-shoot image recording (but still slower than the internal memory on the Nokia 6) and comes with lifetime guarantee.

Please do a search for SDCA3/64GB at for the specifications. (Posts with direct links risk being delayed for days in this forum, sadly!)

Others rely on different brands, and you may prefer less or more storage capacity, but I suggest get a fast, reputable brand card from a reputable retailer, to avoid fake or counterfeit memory cards.

Please let us know how it goes?


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Hans, I bought a new SD card this weekend, seems to work properly, ill observe if problems still occurs. Thanks for the help.

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@hans, @user389, i have a couple of videos(series) stored in my phone sdcard, suddenly some videos wont play, the player would just close or it would stop halfway and would close. which is not it used to be, i mean ive played it before, but when i would like to watch it again, it would misbehave,

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Mark47, why you opted to post this exactly same "question" also as a completely new topic (topic number 7000020250) but with a little more harsh title "video or memory card problem" than the title that you chose for this older topic "Problem with Memory. Video Files and Audio Files, gets blurry!"?

In your other, brand new topic (number 7000020250), why did you not mention anything about the history of your "problem" such that can be read from your previous postings to this older topic, like that over two months ago you told that you had bought a new SDcard? Or at least you made such a claim.

Since it has now been over two months and no one else has posted about similar "problems"  the issue can not be "video or memory card problem" nor "Problem with Memory..." as you try to insinuate.

Most likely one or more files in your master set has file-format error(s) (bit-errors, broken files). Usually computer platforms do not perform error checking of the hard-disks automatically, the uses has to run the error-checking manually because error-checking of large had-disks takes a lot of time.

Then when these broken files are copied to the SDcard of the Nokia 6, the phone will error check the SDcard at least during every boot-up and will fix the file-format errors. It can not magically fix your broken video files to such state that they play correctly, it corrects the file/directory -structure in such way that the SDcard can not corrupt any further, so you are left with some files that will not play properly, they will behave just like you have described, either they do not play all the way to the end or there will be severe errors in the content such as pixelization or blurry playback.

@ Hans, my sdcard break once again, by the way, this is the sdcard i brought 3 months ago, "SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter".

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