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nokia 3310 3G USA version transferring contacts

Any tips on how to transfer my contacts from my iphone to my new nokia 3310 3G usa version?  Ive tried the following: 

Syncing via bluetooth- I actually got the phones to pair, but then it said "all the contacts have already been transferred" which was a lie, they never transferred. 

Adding contacts via a Vcard- I created a Vcard from Icloud. I put in on the SD memory card. There was nowhere to even add contacts under the contact setting- I have no import/ export contacs option, so I went into the files folder, and under memory card I tried to access my Vcard and the nokia said "unable to open this type of file". I tried changing the Vcard to the backup.dat format as some have suggested. Still no dice. 

Ive noticed under my contacts menu I don't even have options on import/ export contacts, I dont have options to copy contacts or copy contacts from another device, etc, i honestly feel im missing functions on this phone based on other vidoes I have seen on how to import contacts into this POS phone.

IF I have to manually add all of my contacts into this phone, its going in the garbage. This should not be so difficult...any help?


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I had to manually transfer all my contacts!!!!!

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