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Calling connection

When we are calling it takes 2 seconds to connect.

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mine phone take 25-30 sec 

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Yes. I also observed first time calling it takes more time to connect where as second time calling immediately it takes less time

in my phone for every call it take 25 sec 

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Yes it takes 20sec to connect any call........ Annoying

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Mine only rings 6 times before it disconnects me when making out going calls, any ideas anyone? Is not my provider, they've checked and SIM works fine in Windows phone..
Could this have anything to do with being on either 4G or 3G? Mine only rings 6 times when on 4G before it disconnects, when on 3G it works as expected. Connects very quickly and rings until called number responds.
For me it takes 10 to 15 seconds
I think it is ram management problem.
My phone always takes 25-35 seconds.
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