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Nokia 8 Phone problems

Nokia... What has happened to you?? Are you actually taking care of your customers who are facing problems?? Nokia team, I'm really disappointed but very happy as well that you guys are back. Disappointed because you guys are not selling phones which are even worth 15,000 - 20,000 Rs. I'm using a Nokia 8. Below are the problems that I'm facing: Buzzing noise while playing video. IN CALL VOLUME IS DAMNNNN LOW. MY SUGGESTION, PLEASE DO SOMETHING IN SOFTWARE UPDATE. Third, earlier battery used to last a full day. Now when I'm using a few apps on my phone and zoom, the battery drains as though I'm drinking half a litre of water. Please get back to me with an update. I've shelled out 2 months of my salary to purchase this phone. Thank you! Your avid user!!
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