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Symbian os

Hey nokia now you should provide high end symbian os with powerful graphics such as apple has, and high end camera as well . It seems that its time to change the game because most of phones are android. make an os that change all the dimensions super fast internet,powerful graphics and cameras.

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Wow, you're very ambitious!

AFAIK, it was very difficult to get Symbian and the S60 UI to scale well to high resolutions. That's why the Nokia 808 PureView, with a 41MP camera, only had a 0.2MP display!

Also, AFAIK, Symbian was very difficult to port to new chipsets (known as a baseport in Symbian language). I don't know the details, but that's one reason why manufacturers started to leave Symbian and move to Android.

However, it would still be great to see another Symbian phone... come on HMD!

 Try Sailfish OS.

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Symbian would be not great to start now.. nokia had a time when they had a community ,store(Ovi ) etc.. now everyone have moved to either android or iOS it would very difficult to stand out from this market.. if so they have to implement new ideas that the other two competitors doesn't have.. what hmd is doing is great.. they have the pure secure up to date Android which offcourse other brands doesn't provide at this price range.. just they need to work on the camera app..
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